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Fun Facts About Our Treats, Promotions and Other Points of Interest

What is a Dutch Auction?

   You've probably heard of heard of Dutch Chocolate, Dutch Apple Pie and Dutch Ovens, but what in the world is a Dutch Auction?

   A Dutch Auction is a style of selling/buying in which the seller continues to reduce the price of an item until a buyer accepts the price. It is also referred to as a "clock auction" or a "open-outcry descending-price auction" (that last one is pretty catchy, right?!) We first used this style of promotion during our pet retail days and found it to be so much fun that we just HAD to offer it to you from time to time! Here's how it works:

   We begin by offering a certain product(s) at a discount. Then over time we'll increase the discount until we've sold out or the offer period ends. We might increase the discount each week or each day, depending on the promotion. For example, if we started out at 20% OFF and increase the discount by 10% each day, by the end of the promotion those items could be up to 80% OFF or even 90% OFF!

   What's fun about our Dutch Auction promotion is that early on while the discount is less, you'll have a higher price but a better selection and a better chance of getting the items you want. As the discount increases you'll save more, IF your items are still in stock! And we promise you'll look a lot happier during a Koda Pet Dutch Auction than these people gathered around whatever in the world that clock thing is (that's why it was also known as a clock auction):

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