Our family started Koda Pet Foods with the aim of providing unique and amazing products that pets would love and that independent, family-owned, local businesses could share with their communities of caring pet parents.

   We are pleased to say that today, we are still doing just that. We have been blessed to be able to partner with some of the most fantastic retailers across the country. These are the stores in your neighborhood, who have the knowledge and the heart to care for your pets almost as much as you do!

   Our first line of pet treats (including Papa Psuka, Papa Kitala & Papa Tatanka), became instant favorites with dogs and cats alike and has continued to remain our #1 selling line. They have been affectionately referred to by many pet parents as a "doggy addiction," and we just can't deny how irresistible they are!

   We thank you so much for your continued  support over the years! There would be no Koda Pet without pet parents like you, who love their pets and who support their local pet stores, along with our family's business. Thank you!

RJ & family