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Tucker, our family's Golden Retriever


   From 1990 to 2022 our family owned and operated our own pet supply retail stores in Southern California. For 32 years we had the honor of educating and working one-on-one with pet parents just like you, day-in and day-out, 361 days a year (hey, we had to take a few days off each year!). During that time, we got to see first-hand what worked best for the health and happiness of literally thousands of dogs and cats, inculding our own.

   As longtime, passionate and active members of the pet industry, we were always looking for the best of the best to offer to our customers' pets. Sometimes there were great products to add to our selection while other times not so much.

   Then in 2011 we decided to put our expertise to work and founded Koda Pet Foods with the aim of providing healthful, unique and amazing, made in the USA products that pets would love.

   Our first pet treats (including Papa Psuka, Papa Kitala & Papa Tatanka) were unlike anything else we'd ever seen before and they became instant favorites with dogs and cats alike and have continued to remain our best sellers. Pet parents all over have affectionately dubbed our treats as "doggy addictions," a term that truly describes how much pets love the taste of Koda Pet Treats!

   Over the years we have been extremely blessed to have so many opportunities to serve the most amazing pets and their parents, and to partner with some of the most fantastic retailers across the country too.

   Koda Pet Foods is a true family-owned and operated company with strong roots in pet nutrition and wellness. We've applied everything we learned through our first-hand experience to create products that your pets will love and that you'll feel good about giving to them.

   We thank you so much for your continued  support of our family's business over the years! There would be no Koda Pet without pet parents like you, who love their pets and who want to give them the very best.



-RJ & family

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